Path of the Dragon

The story so far

Well here’s the story so far…

The Russian American company was forced to leave their former home due to some less than savoury activity committed by their Roguish elf member Albert Chestington. They got jobs on a merchant ship named The Twilight Maiden. The ship was Setting off on a two month journey across the Wurm Sea to the country of Skell to deliver crates full of clothes.

A day away from the coast they were hit by a terrible storm. In the midst of this storm a dragonborn warship attacked The Twilight Maiden. The Russian American company repelled the attack and made it to the coast. Docking in the city of Leviathan Bay.

Upon docking the RAC was approached by a group of armed guards that informed them they were to be taken to see their superior officer. The RAC agreed to go along and were taken to General Alix Taygrim. Taygrim informed them of a dragonborn uprising in Skell. A dragonborn named Heskrash had proclaimed himself king and was starting to expand his empire by taking control of a fort previously occupied by Taygrims army and was starting to “annex” the surrounding towns. The General had heard of their battle aboard the Twilight Maiden and asked if he could hire the RAC to help his army with their attack on the fort. The characters were also introduced to a Lieutenant Walin Onker, Taygrims right hand man. Onker is the man who lost the first battle for the fort and was eager to get it back. The RAC agreed to help and left the following morning with an army behind them.

On the way to the Fort the army passed near the town of Springwood where a distraught girl came out of the woods holding a sword and calling out to Taygrim and the RAC. She explained that Springwood had been the target of raids from a group of Kobolds and Goblins that live in a nearby cave. Her brother had taken a group to the cave a few days before and none of them had returned. She was going to search for them herself but she asks for the RAC’s help instead. The RAC told her that they can’t help her right away but they would come back as soon as the battle at the fort was over.

The army arrived at the fort and the battle began. The RAC were in the front line and were the driving force of the attack. they worked past the dragonborn front line, made it past the outer wall, crossed the drawbridge, broke through the main gate, cleared the courtyard, and finally came to Heskrash I’s makeshift throne room, where they defeated his guard and captured him alive for Taygrim to bring to justice. They took the magic items that Heskrash had on him, collected their pay and rested for the night.

The next morning the RAC took a trail that Taygrim said was the quickest way through the woods to Springwood and warned them of disappearances and attacks related to a group of bandits that live in the woods.

The RAC is attacked shortly after entering the woods. They defeat the large sized raiding party and see that one bandit is still alive…



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