Path of the Dragon

back soon!!!

Well last time we got together the RAC was fighting their way through a forest to make it to a bandit camp. The party spent the night in the woods and was attacked by wolves. after besting the beasts they decided to head over to the bandit camp. Once there Boot and Iron chesties decided to bluff their way into the camp which turned out to specialize in the slave trade by using Deya and Faolyn as fake slaves. Albert Chestington snuck over the wall and through the camp stabbing as many people as he could along the way. After some sneaky combat the bandits saw through the ruse and a battle ensued. The leader of the bandits (a mage) summoned some skeletons in a last ditch effort at victory but was bested in the end.

The RAC investigated the camp afte the battle and found a girl in a cage. She turned out to be Kenna, the Young woman who asked the RAC to help find her brother (Rickam) when they passed the town of springwood earlier. She agreed to show them the way to the Goblin caves so they could eradicate the Goblin threat and possibly find her missing brother. Fter leading them to where the cave should be she hurried ahead to tell her village of what was happening.

The RAC found a hidden entrance to the cave covered by a boulder dispatched some minions and headed down into the earth…

That’s where we left off and after a fairly long hiatus I am almost completely ready to get started again. woot woot. -Justin



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